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Lofoten Islands Photography Workshop

Lofoten Islands, Norway

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Far above the Arctic Circle draped within the turbulent waters of the Norwegian Sea are the Lofoten Islands. These Islands are staggeringly beautiful with majestic mountains, deep fjords and long, sweeping beaches. Dotted around the Islands are small towns and hamlets with attractively coloured buildings that have great potential for both abstract and big vista photography.

This 6 day (7 night) workshop will find us exploring a varied range of photographic locations such as Flakstad, Hamnøy, Nusfjord, Reine, Sakrisøya as well as many coastal beaches. Sunrise and sunset last a long time at this time of year, allowing plenty of photo opportunities during this period. There is also a good chance to experience the Northern Lights, so I will be keeping an eye on my aurora app for those wishing to venture out late to experience and photograph this amazing phenomenon.

Full details about this Lofoten workshop can be found here >>

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