Iced Tree

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DSC1071 MO IcedTree USAt the time of writing this blog the outside temperature is around 23˚c which is why I though it would be nice to publish an image to help cool us all down!

Today's image was taken on the same day as my 'Copse' image back in January when hoar-frost was in abundance,

DSC1071 MO IcedTree USmaking for a picturesque scene no matter where you looked. I noticed this tree on my way to meet John, a photographer friend and I just knew I had to turn around and take a closer look.

Unlike the Copse image, the furrows in this image were not handed on a plate and I have to confess to walking quite a distance along the wrong side of a hedge until the tracks made a perfect lead-in line up to the tree.

In order to achieve overall balance in the image I needed to use my 70-200mm Nikkor lens (at 110mm focal length) at f/11, focusing mid-distance between me and the tree.

It's due to the simplicity of these images that attracts me to them the most, although that rarely means they were any easier to make - enjoy!


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