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Autumn Woodland

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Autumn Woodland, Littlebeck, North YorkshireIt seems rather peculiar to be posting images of Autumn in Summer but just like last week’s image I’m playing catch up after renewing the website. If nothing else it whets my appetite for this year’s autumnal colours to come!

Autumn Woodland, Littlebeck, North YorkshireThis is an image made at Littlebeck last October. I’d spent most of the day seeking out an image or two and came across this one quite late on in the day. It was getting quite dark so I knew I’d have to make a long exposure so I was fortunate that it was a very calm day without even a breeze (that doesn’t happen often!!).
I found a good vantage point above the fern to make the most of the circular display of leaves and after setting up the Ebony, proceeded to make a 10 second exposure.