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Living with Wellies!

Living with Wellies!

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Good footwear in winter months is vital for landscape photographers as we trudge into mud, streams, puddles, snow and ice seeking out that perfect composition. This is why I find myself in wellingtons more often than not as I find them more convenient than walking boots. I should add that I'm not talking about common or garden wellingtons here - I'm referring to lined walking wellingtons, which offer better support and are warmer to wear in winter temperatures. These generally don't come cheap though and the pair of Aigle wellingtons I've been wearing for the last 8 years cost around £180 when I purchased them. They don't owe me a penny though as my feet are always toasty and warm and they have great grip and still look great.

Apart from their price though, they do have another major flaw - that is if you travel abroad, which is their weight and bulk. My Aigles weigh around 2240 grams, which is prohibiting when flying due to weight restrictions by airlines. This is also a big reason why a lot of the participants who attend my workshops visiting from abroad choose to buy a pair of wellingtons whilst here in the UK and give them to me before they leave. My stock of cheap wellingtons is steadily growing!

However, I think I found an answer last summer when my friend and fellow photographer, Tim showed me his pair of Lemigo wellingtons. These rugged-looking wellingtons weigh only around 500 grams and have lined inners for warmth. They are made from lightweight EVA and having used them for a whole week last autumn in the Scottish Highlands and in December in Venice and I can highly recommend them! When you put them on at first it feels like you're walking on air due to their lightweight design but you soon get used to this. Their sole has a good grip and although mine felt tight at first they soon felt nice and comfy after a day or two of use. Being efficient with space, I packed them in my suitcase and stuffed them with socks making their profile very small indeed. I'm shortly heading off to Norway and I have every confidence they will give me good service. here's the best bit - they only cost around £39.99!

I'm under no illusion that they will last as long as my Aigle's but as a pair of wellingtons to use abroad or for those who don't use them as often as I do I'm sure you will find these delightful to wear.

I only speak as I find when it comes to photography gear and clothing to help others enjoy this wonderful hobby a little more. Which is why I haven't provided any links - just do a search online and you'll find them. I have not been paid to create this article or received any financial or product award - it is purely my experience of a great product that I can highly recommend. :)