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Arran Geophorms

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Geophorm TryptichWhat with running five separate photo workshops, getting the Staircase Gallery up and running plus trying to make some autumn images of my own it seems like an age since I was on the Isle of Arran – yet it was only three weeks ago! Phew, time just seems to have flown by since!

Geophorm TryptichAs the weather wasn’t favourable during our stay, John and I spent a lot of time seeking out rock details along the shores of Arran in between showers. One area I was particularly taken with was the amazing rock formations just south of Lochranza at Catacol Bay. These formations were excellent for detailed work, so we spent many hours just working the area looking for interesting features.

I could see a pattern emerging with strong lines and patterning of the rock. After making three similar images I was already envisaging a tryptic at some point in the future (little did I know how quick that would happen). Therefore, Geophorm I, II & III were borne (a play on the word ‘Geomorphology’ – a scientific study of landforms).

All three images required careful preparation and execution if they were going to be successful. Particular attention was paid to both depth of field and being sure the sensor plane and subject plane were perfectly parallel. Simple enough you might think, but plenty of planning and setting up were required in equal abundance!

I was so pleased with these images that I decided they would be suitable to hang in the Staircase gallery from day one. Having received a lot of complements on the open evening about them, I think I made the right choice.

As usual this image and more can be seen in the Abstract area of the Gallery.


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