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Lime Canopies

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Bluebell Wood I seem to have my seasons mixed up at the moment what with an Autumn woodland image posted in July and now a fresh spring-like image with bluebells. I even have an image I made on Skye last year just being drum scanned by Tim Parkin that I haven’t worked on yet! However, due to this year being more than hectic for me, it’s only just now that I’m able to catch up and add my favourite images to the website (although slow image making is pretty much the norm for large format photographers).

Bluebell Wood Today’s image is of a small bluebell wood near Richmond in North Yorkshire that I have visited every year for the last four years. Its only downside is that you have to cross over two fields of cows who always seem to be curious when someone like me walks across their territory and inevitably come bounding over at a great pace leaving me with no other alternative but to run like hell!

I made this composition as a panoramic for two reasons, one to cut out any distractions from the sky (it was a cloudy morning) and two, because I found the foliage fascinating as it appeared to be displaying two triangular canopies of fresh lime-green leaves which lent itself to a panoramic format, the bluebells giving the finishing touch to the whole scene. It’s the ultimate spring morning in a woodland I guess.