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Ice Pastels

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DSC1041 MO IcePastels USTaken on the same day as my previous image, 'Ice Blue' today's image I've named 'Ice Pastels' captured my attention due to the complex lines and structure of the leaves. Highlighted by hoar-frost, the skeletal beauty of the leaves can be seen in minute detail. It's a small scene that has captured autumn in all it's delicate detail and frozen it in time.

DSC1041 MO IcePastels USAdding to the attraction is the light pastel colours - none of which vie for attention.Still a tricky image to compose, the camera had to be set up so that the sensor and object plane were as perpendicular as possible so that no area became soft and out of focus - particularly difficult due to the camera being only 18 inches from the leaves. I needed to use the Nikon 45mm Micro lens once again, stopping down to f/16. Due to this I worried that the image might be too soft overall as f/16 is way beyond the sharpest aperture of this lens. I needn't have though as the detail is immense seen at 100% in Photoshop. I can't help wondering if the D800E (and the absence of the filter) helped keep this image that extra bit sharp.