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Pinchbooks are a perfect way to display your artwork!

Creating Photobooks

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I need very few excuses to print because I just love seeing my work as the "end product" - a beautiful giclee print on fine art paper. But, let's face it, we only have a finite amount of space on our walls to hang our work. Of course, we could create a book using the plethora of options both online or using the book module in Lightroom Classic. The small drawback with this is that you can only choose one type of paper for all of your images whereas I prefer to choose a paper type (smooth, textured, glossy, matte etc...) depending on the subject, style or look of an image. This is where Pinchbooks come in very useful!

Pinchbooks are book covers that can hold up to 25 sheets of 250gsm paper and are held in by the spine of the cover. Prising the book back on itself opens this spine rather like a bulldog clip allowing you to insert your prints as and when you want. The added benefit this affords (over a normal book) is that you can swap and change the pages as you see fit (i.e. if you get tired of an image). Pinchbooks are available in a few different sizes including A4 and A3 which are my preferred options (So that I don't need to cut the paper to size). They are available in cloth and faux leather look - with and without a front window. 

These books look great on a coffee table and are a lovely way to exhibit your work to friends, family, clients or curators. 

All recommendations I make are not affiliated and I do not receive any financial reward when I recommend them. I simply love to share my experiences - good or bad - with my followers. If you would like to try a Pinchbook for yourself they can be found here at Better still use discount code: RPSPB2022 until the end of 2022 for a 15% discount on every purchase - enjoy!