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Redcar Wind Farm

Redcar Wind Farm

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Just over two years ago I took a visit to Redcar for a spot of photography. Whilst there I took a visit to the new cafe on the esplanade overlooking the sea. As I was sat down looking out of the window I could see a photo opportunity directly outside on the veranda. After I'd finished I took a closer look and liked what I saw.

Unfortunately, at that time the wind farm seen in the image was still under construction with only half the masts erected and an ugly pontoon for background interest. I, therefore, made a note on my iPhone to return at a later date.

Recently I did just that... on many occasions.... until the scene worked for me and my vision of what I had in mind. I was thwarted many times by harsh light or rain and also quickly understood that I needed to visit when the tide was in as I didn't want to see any of the beach area, which may cause a distraction. This image was always going to be one of shapes and textures and their relationship to each other and I'm very pleased with the result.

Wind Farm