DSC0793 MO Solitree USDuring the summer months I like to get out to do some hill walking at least 2 to 3 times a week - usually with my wife. Although we walk in beautiful locations I generally don't come across an image to return to at a later date. Maybe this is because I simply don't have my 'photography' head on or that I'm generally sticking to footpaths, which it would seem, don't always offer the best view points.
This is why this image I've named 'Solitree' is one of those rare images that I did indeed find whilst we were out walking recently. We had only been walking for around fifteen minutes when I stumbled across this scene and just knew I had to return to it.

Indeed I did... not once but five times until the conditions were as I had envisaged in my mind. It was most important to visit when it was likely to be a cloudless evening as this would simplify the scene due to the farmers field growing grass or a new crop with no foreground interest either.
In my mind I was rather hoping for a lone cloud to add a little interest in the sky so as not to create a negative space within the image. This was being rather optimistic, and to be honest I would have been content without it. Nevertheless, on this occasion all my prayers were answered and I'm really pleased with the result.